Madera Dulce

Bass Clarinet &  Contrabass Instrumental Duo

tel: 720.280.0886 | email:

Slide 1 jFlow Plus Bass + Bass
music from a deeper perspective...
Slide 2 jFlow Plus Bass Clarinet
the undisputed king of the woodwinds...
Slide 3 jFlow Plus Contrabass
six strings of low resonance...
Slide 4 jFlow Plus Clarinetto Basso
looks even better in Italian...
Slide 5 jFlow Plus Contrabasso
the extra 'o' gives it some class, no?...

Who We Are

"A lush and bohemian instrumental duo with sultry Mediterranean overtones."
"Madera Dulce is a unique combination of Bass Clarinet and Contrabass Guitar that elicits an inviting and elusive sound; a deep resonant acoustic tonality."
"A unique and engaging vision of modern and impassioned instrumental music."

What We Do

"This innovative duo paints an eclectic blend of musical artistry. With influences of the classical to the avant-garde, from improvisational ethnic and jazz idioms, of Middle Eastern and European elements, they draw inspiration from their gypsy heritage and weave it into the musical tapestry of the world around us."